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Don't Get Left Behind in the USA! LinkedoJet's all-in-one platform empowers you to dominate your competition on LinkedIn. Gain access to industry-leading automation features and expert services designed to explode lead generation and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Ready to take your USA LinkedIn growth to the next level?

  • LinkedoJet is your all-in-one LinkedIn growth solution for the USA market. We empower your business to harness the power of LinkedIn with our industry-leading automation tool and expert guidance.
  • Generate high-quality leads, nurture connections, and explode your sales pipeline with targeted campaigns on LinkedIn. LinkedoJet caters to businesses across various industries in the USA, helping them achieve their lead generation goals.
  • Stop Wasting Time! LinkedoJet's powerful automation streamlines your LinkedIn outreach, allowing your team to focus on closing more deals.

Is LinkedIn Outreach Automation Becoming a Challenge?

Let LinkedoJet be your partner in automated LinkedIn outreach, effortlessly handling the following challenges in record time.

Automate Your LinkedIn Outreach with Linkedojet for Maximum Impact in the US Market.

Why Choose LinkedoJet for LinkedIn Automation in the USA?

We're a powerful LinkedIn automation platform designed to supercharge lead generation for US businesses. Here's why LinkedoJet is your secret weapon:

Hyper-Targeted Prospecting

  • Laser Focus: Narrow down your ideal customers with our advanced search filters. Target by industry, job title, location, company size, and more. Generate laser-focused leads that convert.
  • Location Intelligence: Target prospects across all regions, from bustling financial hubs to booming tech centers.
  • Industry Expertise: Reach the exact decision-makers you need within your target niche globally.

Effortless Outreach Automation

  • Scalable Personalization: Craft personalized connection requests and messages at scale. LinkedoJet automates outreach to connect with thousands of qualified leads, eliminating manual invites.
  • Engagement Boost: Never send generic messages again. LinkedoJet empowers personalized outreach at scale, skyrocketing your response rates and engagement on LinkedIn.

Safe LinkedIn Automation

  • Compliance Champion: Stay safe from account suspension. LinkedoJet automates your activity while adhering to LinkedIn's daily and weekly limits.
  • Advanced Throttling: Our smart algorithms ensure your outreach aligns with LinkedIn's best practices, keeping your account secure.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Track your automation activity in real-time and adjust settings as needed for optimal performance.

Powerful Account Management

  • Centralized Hub: Oversee your entire LinkedIn lead generation strategy from a single, user-friendly dashboard.
  • Team Collaboration: Manage and optimize campaigns for multiple accounts and team members, all in one place.
  • Seamless Integrations: Integrate LinkedoJet with your CRM or marketing automation platform for a streamlined workflow.

Built for Global Business Success

  • Global Data Privacy Compliance: Prioritize data security and ensure your campaigns comply with relevant regulations.
  • Diverse Audience Targeting: Reach a wide range of prospects across various industries and locations around the world.
  • Maximize Lead Gen ROI: Focus on closing deals, not sending invites. LinkedoJet automates repetitive tasks, freeing up your time to nurture leads and close deals.

Why Our Customers Trust Us?

Sabrina Kinckle


Jun 1,2022

I’m extremely impressed by the range of...

I'm extremely impressed by the range of Linkedojet's platform and service options! They have created service-industry platforms that have been a huge help to our business! I would recommend them any day.

Thomas Willomitzer


Jun 30,2022

Linkedojet - great service as usual

We have been using Linkedojet services for last 4 years . Support team is always available when needed. The tech team has built customized products also to fit into our business process and helped our outreach efforts.

Yogev Kidar


Jun 1,2022

Linkedojet changed my day to day work...

Linkedojet changed my day to day work! It has a sophisticated automation and super easy to create campaigns and manage all of them at once! In short time we saw a significant results within our sales team and achieved great results via LinkedIn.

Up & Running in 5 Minutes!


Set-up your account

Open your account and verify your LinkedIn information.


Target your audience

Upload a list or provide a search URL of filtered audience from sales Navigator or Business Plus Accounts.


Customize campaign steps

Setup message content for series of messages to be sent and start your campaign.

Linkedojet: Your All-in-One Lead Generation Powerhouse for US Businesses

Linkedojet empowers businesses of all sizes and industries in the US to achieve their lead generation goals. Whether you're a solo professional, a startup founder, a well-established business, or a full-service agency, we offer customized solutions to meet your unique needs.




Event Planning


Simple Transparent Pricing

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly Save 15%

Beginner’s Package


All automation features included

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Complete Care Package


All features + Access to experts to set up pitch and target audience

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Complete Care Plus


All features + Access to experts to set up pitch and Target audience + Dedicated Lead Nurturing Specialist +Double the Lead Generation Power: Register 2 LinkedIn Accounts

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Agency / Bulk Users

Custom Pricing

Access to multiple accounts, white-labeling, and customized features

Each Account Includes

  • Unique IP Address and desktop
  • Drip campaigns for new invites
  • Drip campaigns for 1st degree leads
  • Extract profile details from LinkedIn
  • Message to LinkedIn groups
  • Easily track and manage campaigns
  • Smart AI based reply management
  • Setup own tags to segregate leads
  • Get campaign performance emails
  • Download all data in CSV format
  • Send Images & gif as messages
  • Integration with 3rd party apps


LinkedIn is one of the most reliable and accurate sources of Information about corporate individuals. Whether its about targeting people in certain geography or even a limited area like (With-in 15 kms) it can be easily done on LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives us vital information that helps us narrow down to decision makers with-in companies. With LinkedIn you can handpick companies you wish to target or segregate them by their employee strength. With Linkedojet campaigns the cost of lead acquisition varies from USD 3 to USD 8 per lead depending on the product you are selling and targeted audience. With accuracy of data and low cost of acquisition using LinkedIn definitely should be part of your marketing strategy.

Yes, free accounts are limited in there searches therefore you need either a Business Plus account or a Sales Navigator account. Sales Navigator has more filters and better suited for targeting decision makers with-in companies.

The dashboard allows you to easily Setup a LinkedIn account, Create and Update your existing campaigns and provide details of your target audience. It gives you all the data related to your campaigns like performance, details of Leads and all their Replies in one place.

Linkedojet detects all the replies received from prospects and does sentiment analysis to mark reply as positive , negative or inquiry. Clients are supposed to respond to the replies themselves.Linkedojet provides an option to reply from with-in the dashboard.

Yes , you can get a 10 days trial for 10$. You can try all the features of Linkedojet during trial. We don't keep your card details. International clients can pay for trial and subscription through PayPal.

Yes, from Linkedojet dashboard you can add multiple accounts and manage their campaigns. All the replies from prospects accross multiple LinkedIn accounts can be viewed and managed from one place.

No! Since Linkedojet is a cloud based solution, rather than a Chrome extension, there is nothing to download for the application to work.

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