LinkedoJet for Superior Lead Generation Tool

Prospect targeting

Linkedojet has the most versatile and exhaustive set of features for highly targeted prospecting

LinkedIn search filters

Target set of leads discovered on LinkedIn by implementing filters on Sales navigator and regular search.

LinkedIn urls

Upload a list of Csv files with LinkedIn URLs and names.

LinkedIn Company page urls

Upload a list of targeted LinkedIn Company Pages to reach decision makers in those companies.

Domain list

Upload a list of targeted website domain names to reach decision makers in those companies.

Manage Drip campaigns

With Linkedojet you can set-up multiple LinkedIn outreach campaigns and track their individual performance. Each campaign can have a series of messages that will go after regular intervals to get response from a lead.

Connect Invites to 2nd/3rd degree

Setup drip campaign to add new invites. Upto 800 invites a month from 1 account.

Messages to 1st degree

Setup drip campaign to reach out to connected leads.

Group members

Setup targeted outreach to Group members. Filter group members based on Title, location, seniority etc.

Inmail messages

Create intelligent combination of sending connect invites to close profiles and free inmails to Open profiles on Sales navigator.

Analyze profiles

Check prospects and analyze their profiles to check whether they are fit for outreach.

Efficient inbox management

Linkedojet understands the limitations of managing replies from warm leads. It’s difficult to keep track of replies received In inbox.

Reply detection

Checks and organizes all the replies received from prospects.

Access chat

Tracks and maintains the entire chat history in the Linkedojet inbox.

Sentiment analysis

Analyses the sentiments of prospect replies and categorises them as positive / negative / inquiry or neutral.

In-app chat reply

Reply to leads directly from Linkedojet Inbox.

Custom tags/labels

Customized tags and labels to keep track of your valuable leads and ones you need to follow-up in future.

Key performance metrics

Get all the statistics that matter to keep improving your campaigns performance and generate more leads

Campaign related KPIs

Track key performance metrics that help you gauge campaign performance like invites acceptance %, reply rate % and positive replies %.

A/B testing

Run multiple campaigns, A/B tests, simultaneously with variations in content and target audience to measure performance and continue optimizations.

Demographic insights

Get demographic details of leads like location, title and company that are engaging with you.

Data export

Export all the performance related and lead related data into Csv files.

Seamless Integrations

CRM integration

Custom integration with any API based CRM system.

Data enrichment tools

Integrate with any data enrichment apps to collect contact details.

Applicant tracking systems integration

Custom integration with any Applicant tracking systems for Recruiters.

Security & Data encryption

GDPR compliant

With Social media channel based outreach you never need to worry about being GDPR compliance because as data processor we only collect client information after they consent by accepting invite to connect or if they are already connected.

Regular data backup

You never need to worry about losing your leads, replies and data metrics. All the data will always be available and accessible from Linkedojet dashboard.

Data encryption

All your passwords are saved in an encrypted format and can never be accessed by anyone.

White labelling, Agencies & Multiple accounts management

Create your own white labelled dashboard. Grow your agency brand and scale your LinkedIn outreach business with our multiple account management system

White-label dashboard

Own our multi-accounts management system by white labelling it. The dashboard will be available on your own domain name and will carry your company’s branding. Request features that will help you stay ahead in the game.

Scalable platform for Marketing agencies & Sales teams

Easily add and manage multiple social media accounts from dashboard. Track and monitor performances of all your accounts. Receive all the replies from prospects across different accounts in one place. Manage replies of all your accounts from one place. Easily add/remove accounts at any point.

Dedicated support, Consulting & Customisations

Linkedojet is committed to the customer success. We are not just providing a tool but also dedicated support, consulting on how to achieve best results and customisations to support your sales process.

Dedicated support

Get support with onboarding, a tour of all the features and best practices to follow. Our team is always available to answer your queries on chat, email, skype and phone.


Success of outreach campaigns depends a lot on your copy and target persona. All the nuts and bolts need to be put in the right place to achieve exceptional success rate.


Not all businesses follow same sales process. We provide customisations around our prospecting services to make our services fit into your business processes.

360° Competitor Analytics

Get a crystal-clear view of your Competitor LinkedIn strategies and uncover hidden audience insights.

LinkedoJet's 360° Competitor Analytics empowers you to:

Analyze Competitor Posts

See what content resonates with your target audience by diving deep into competitor posts.

See what content resonates with your target audience by diving deep into competitor posts.

Unlock Prospect Profiles

Gain access to detailed LinkedIn profiles of individuals who engage with competitor content.

Discover their professional backgrounds, interests, and potential pain points.

Uncover Audience Preferences

Identify the types of content that generate the most engagement in your industry.

Understand what topics and messaging strategies resonate with potential customers.

Download Data for Analysis

Easily export all extracted information into an Excel file for convenient analysis and campaign planning.

Use this data to refine your own content strategy and target your outreach more effectively.

Boost LinkedIn Company Page Followers

Discover the power of BoostLinkedInCompanyPageFollowers – a feature designed to effortlessly manage your LinkedIn Company Page, connecting you with your target audience and turbocharging lead generation.

LinkedoJet's 360° Competitor Analytics empowers you to:

Expanded Visibility

Elevate your LinkedIn Company Page's visibility by sending strategic invitations to your relevant first-degree connections.

As your followers grow, your Company Page gains prominence, increasing its likelihood of appearing in the coveted 'Trending' section.

Enjoy heightened exposure, making more professionals aware of your products and services.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Cultivate a growing following to boost your brand's recognition and authority on LinkedIn.

As your brand gains prominence, attract potential customers who discover your business and offerings, leading to increased leads and sales.

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