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Our Mission

At Linkedojet, we're on a mission to redefine how professionals and businesses connect and grow. Our vision is to unlock the full potential of networking, creating an innovative platform that empowers you to thrive in today's interconnected world.

We believe that authentic connections are the key to unlocking your true potential. Our seamless networking platform is designed to break down barriers, enabling you to expand your network, access invaluable opportunities, and forge genuine, long-lasting relationships.

At Linkedojet, we are not just another platform; we are your partner, your support, and your guide. Our ultimate goal is to be the driving force behind your journey to success, uniting you with the right people and the right opportunities.

Our Story

In 2012, as an MBA student at MIT Sloan and Nova School of Business, I , Varun, along with my core team, sensed a profound shift in the business landscape. It became evident that prospects were yearning for genuine connections, seeking an approach beyond traditional intrusive methods. That's when Webmata Tech was born—a fusion of AI, Automation, and human touch, a platform built on empathy and understanding.

Our platform empowers businesses to build trust with prospects through respect and empathy. Today, I'm thrilled to introduce our fully-featured product, Linkedojet, a seamless evolution from Webmata Tech. Step into this new chapter with us, where technology meets heart, and relationships flourish with a soulful touch. At Linkedojet, we're not just building a company; we're crafting a movement, and I can't wait for you to be a part of it.

Webmata Tech


Our core value


We Keep It Simple and Fun

Success should be enjoyable! Unlock your potential effortlessly and embrace growth with a smile.


Our Clear Purpose, Your Smooth Journey

We empower professionals worldwide with a clear path to success. Let's define your journey together, providing the right resources and support.


Trust, Transparency, Security - Our Foundation

Your trust matters most. We operate with integrity and safeguard your data with top-notch security measures.


Measure, Improve, Excel - Together

Results matter! Take a proactive approach, measure progress, and seize opportunities to excel. We're here to celebrate your wins and overcome challenges.

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Our success is in creating new opportunities
for people who believe in us.

Varun Sabharwal

Founder of LinkedoJet

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